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Any action with a sexual connotation that creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for an individual in a professional or social situation is considered sexual harassment. In India, individuals do not report sexual harassment for many reasons including the lack or inefficiency of a suitable entity to handle such complaints. Internal Complaint Committee was constituted at IIPS in 2014. It was established to deal with the grievances related to sexual harassment in the Institute. The committee was later renamed as Gender Amity Committee (GAC) to reflect gender neutrality in terms of sexual harassment. GAC has developed a policy against sexual harassment and a mechanism for the prevention and redressal of harassment cases. The committee ensures implementation of the policy by encouraging the reporting of complaints and conducting follow-up procedures. It also promotes a secure physical, psychological, and social environment free of gender discrimination. Moreover, GAC assists in raising awareness regarding sexual harassment in any form in the campus and organizes orientation workshops and competitions to promote gender equality.

One can report a complaint regarding sexual harassment by writing to this email id: .

Following are the members of Internal Complaint Committee:


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