Centre of Demography of Gender

Members of the Centre of Demography of Gender are,



Members of the inaugural advisory board of the Center of Demography of Gender


Prof. Bina Agarwal, Retired Professor/Institute of Economic Growth and Professor of Development Economics and Environment/University of Ma  nchester, UK


Prof. S. B. Agnihotri, Associate Faculty/Center for Policy Studies Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

3 Dr. Monica Dasgupta, Research Professor Sociology/Maryland Population Research Center, USA

Prof. Sonalde Desai, Professor and Director/NCAER-National Data Innovation Centre New Delhi and Distinguished University Professor of Sociology/University of Maryland, USA


Dr. Christophe Guilmoto, Senior Fellow in Demography/French Institut de recherche pour le developpement (IRD) attached to CEPED Paris


Prof. Ravinder Kaur, Professor Sociology and Social Anthropology/Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


Prof. Anita Raj, Tata Chancellor Professor of Society and Health/University of California San Diego, USA


Prof. Faujdar Ram, Retired Director & Senior Professor/International Institute for Population Sciences Mumbai


Prof. T K Sundari Ravindran, Prinicipal Visiting Fellow/International Institute for Global Health United Nations University, Malaysia


Prof. Amy Tsui, Prof. Emerita/Population, Family and Reproductive Health Department, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA

Current Research Themes

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