Ongoing Projects

Data Tables
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1 Causes and Consequences of Out-Migration from Middle Ganga Plain. Archana K. Roy, R.B.Bhagat, K.C.Das, Sunil Sarode, R.S. Reshmi.
2 Historical Trends and Patterns of Population and Development in India: A District Level Analysis. P. Arokiasamy, R. Nagarajan, Pralib Kumar Narzary, Manoj Alagarajan, Aparajita Chattopadhyay, Harihar Sahoo, Suryakant Yadav.
3 Daughter Only “Families in India: Levels, Trends and Differentials. Harihar Sahoo and R. Nagarajan.
4 Estimation of Vital Rates for Bombay Presidency in the Colonial Period Chander Shekhar, F.Ram and and T.V. Sekher)
5 Follo-up of Comprehensive Nutrition Survey in Maharashtra Sayeed Unisa, Prakash Fulpagare
6 Equal Living Condition of Housing Selters for different Social Groups in Tamil Nadu: Model Village Created for Social Development. D.A. Nagdeve, Chander Shekhar, P. Murugesan, S.K. Mohanty.
7 Trends in Out-of Pocket Expenditure and Catastrophic health spending in India S.K. Mohanty
8 Population Growth and State of HealthCare Services in Northeast India: With Special Reference to the recognized tribes, 1951-2011 H.Lhungdim, Harihar Sahoo and L. Ladusingh
9 Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI) Main Wave (2014-19) P. Arokiasamy, D. A. Nagdeve, T.V. Sekhar, S.K. Mohanty, A. Chattopadhyay, Dipti Govil and Sarang Pedagaonkar
10 Study of Global Ageing and Adult Health (SAGE)-India, Wave-2, 2014-16 P. Arokiasamy, H. Lhungdim, T.V. Sekher, Murali Dhar and Archana K. Roy


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