Library Rules

  • No books, periodicals, or other library materials shall be removed from the library premises, without borrowing at the circulation counter.
  • Do not carry issued materials such as books, reprints, journals, and loose magazines, into the library.
  • The reader must not interfere with the comfort of other readers. Do not make excessive noise. Do not cause damage, disfigure, or mutilate to the library property, books, periodicals, and any other library material.
  • The library place cannot be reserved during the reader's absence.
  • Smoking in the library premises is not permitted.
  • Bags, cases, ink-bottles, and pets are not allowed in the library.
  • Persons present in the library at any time must identify themselves to the Library Staff when requested.
  • No broadsheets, handbills, newspapers or other material (other than an official notice of the library or IIPS) be distributed or displayed within the library.
  • Mobiles and other electronic alarm devices should be put on a mute mode while in the library.
  • Water bottles are not allowed to put on reading tables and computer tables.
  • Follow the Copyright Act. Do not use Copyright literature for the commercial purposes.
  • Do not circulate journal articles via e-mail or any other media.
  • Maintain silence in the library
  • When leaving the station for more than a week, return all Books/Journal/Reprints borrowed from the library.
  • Do not share User IDs & Passwords provided by the library for library access.
  • Library Circulation Counter is closed 30 minutes before closing time. Please complete issue/return before 30 minutes of closing time.

Future Plan

  • Introduction of Electronic Security System
  • Collection development of e-books
  • Development of Institutional Repository
  • Digitization of Census of India 1951-1981
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