Memorial Lectures

The Institute conducts memorial lectures on a regular basis for faculty members, students, and other research staff. The speakers for these memorial lectures are invited to discuss their on-going research or topics of special interest. These memorial lectures provide a forum for dynamic academic debates and the exchange of innovative research ideas in the field of population sciences. The publication unit is generally incharge of organizing these memorial lectures. Annually, the unit organizes the following three memorial lectures: (a) Dr. C. Chandrasekaran Memorial Lecture, (b) Prof. P. N. Mari Bhat Memorial Lecture, and (c) Prof. Asha Bhende Memorial Lecture. These lectures are conducted on various topics of population sciences, such as Growth for All: Policy Issues and Options; Fertility, Class, Female Education, and Sex Ratio in India; and India's Journey To SDG 3: Charting the Course and Measuring Progress.

  • Dr. C. Chandrasekaran Memorial Lecture :
  • Prof. P. N. Mari Bhat Memorial Lecture :
  • Prof. Asha Bhende Memorial Lecture :
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