The Institute has two hostel buildings, a G+ Five -storied and a G+ two-storied, for accommodating students admitted to various courses. All full-time masters students are required to stay in the hostel. Hostel rooms are well furnished and have adequate living and working space. Each room has a bathroom with hot water and toilet attached to it. The students are provided with basic amenities like cot, table, chair, cupboard, mattress, pillow, buckets, mugs in their rooms. Hostel’s common rooms have TV . There is adequate water supply as well as Solar geysers systems installed in the hostels towards conservation of nature and save electricity through conventional source. The whole campus including both hostels are Wi-Fi enabled. The hostel has facilities for table tennis, carom, and chess. Facilities for outdoor games are also available in the campus. The hostel campus maintenance like cleaning/sweeping is done daily. The security services are round the clock. Hostel also has mess facility which is run by Students in consultation with Hostel authorities on no-loss-no-profit basis. The Institute also provides Medical Facility, Study room to students. The hostel management committee ensures safety and congenial stay of the inmates.




The warden, who is a faculty member of the Institute, is the overall In-charge of the hostel, deputed by the Director. The hostel management committee should enact as per the directives of the Warden and the Director.For any kind of request, send e mail to Hostel Manager (cc Warden). For any query and urgent request, communicate with the hostel management office at ground floor of the new hostel during office hours. For any emergency, you can call Manager, Warden or Director, residing in the campus.


Admission to the hostel is restricted to the bonafide students and research scholars of the Institute and is contingent on their continuing as such and also on the availability of the rooms. TV rooms and indoor sports facilities can be used by the students as per time given. Outside entry in the TV or sports room is prohibited. Guest entry without prior permission is prohibited. It is mandatory to intimate the Hostel manager (cc warden) for guests visiting during the day hours and make an entry in the hostel register. The admission is made on the clear understanding that the students/research scholars agree to abide by all the hostel rules and failure to do so may result in his/her expulsion from the hostel. Director, Registrar , Warden and Hostel management committee can enter hostel any time for supervision and discussion.


All the students/scholars occupying hostel rooms would respect their roommate’s space, modesty and privacy.

All the students/scholars allotted with the hostel room are required to have mutual understanding with their roommates in the day to day activities. It is mandatory/compulsory for all the inmates of the hostel to dine in the mess except on ill health issues.

3.1 Rooms once allotted to the students/research scholars will not be changed except for the administrative requirements by Warden/Director of the institute

3.2 Room should be kept clean. Walls of the rooms should not be disfigured in any way. The occupant of the room may be asked to open his/her room by the Warden or any person authorized by the Warden/Director of the institute at any time.

3.3 Hostel employees clean the rooms in the presence of the occupant of the room. Inmates are expected to sign the diary every day available with the House Keeping staff.

3.4 Any student/research scholar going out of the hostel for overnight stay or more is required to take prior permission of the Manager in writing (cc warden) and deposit his/her room keys with the Hostel Manager/ Hostel House Keeper. While leaving the hostel for overnight stay, inmates are also required to mention their contact telephone number/address for emergency in the permission letter. Deviation from this norm may lead to strict action by the hostel authorities.

3.5 Repetition of late entry at night (after 12 AM), if observed, may lead to action.

3.6 Cooking inside rooms is strictly prohibited to avoid fire hazards. No inmates of the hostel are allowed to use any electrical gadget in the room like induction gas, microwave, Oven, T.V, Fridge, Heater, Immersion rod, Mixer Grinder etc.

3.7 The residents of the hostel are advised not to keep valuables in their rooms, in order to avoid theft or other problems.

3.8 If hostel inmates have any complaint regarding their rooms, it may be brought to the notice at Reception/Caretaker/ House Keeper /Hostel Manager. The matter would be sorted out in consultation with the Hostel Warden. They are also requested to write their complaints in the register kept at the reception of the Hostel.

3.9 The students/research scholar should hand over the charge of his/her room and other items issued (furniture, mattress, linen, pillow etc.) in reasonable condition on leaving the Institute, failing which, the amount for the same will be directly deducted from their deposit at the Institute.

3.10 In no case, any student is allowed to stay beyond the expiry of the academic year. If any student wants to extend his/her stay in the hostel, he/she has to take permission of the Director/Hostel Warden and has to pay the room rent as per the Institute’s rules. In such a case, the maximum duration of stay with prior permission will be six nights.

3.11 Allotment of rooms would be made according to the administrative requirements by Warden/Director of the institute.

3.12 Inmates are not allowed to have functions/ceremonies in the hostel premises without permission from Director. Further, use of audio/video with loud speaker are prohibited in the hostel, and prohibited in the premise without permission from the Mumbai Police Administration.

3.13 Every student must carry the ids provided by the Institute at all times, as per the guidelines of Mumbai Police Administration.

3.14 No student is allowed to carry any sport item/article to his/her room. The sports item/items must be deposited with the sports secretary after the use.

3.15 No one can block seat in mess, TV room or any common place. Common places are for all inmates of hostels and decency should be maintained with mutual respect.


Students/research scholars should not make use of the hostel attendants for their personal work. They are available only for official works. They are available during office hours and beyond.


Hostel inmates should not play transistors, tape recorder, etc. During the quiet period i.e. Between 10.30 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. Even at other times, they are advised to play these instruments with mutual consent with their roommates. In exceptional situations, students are required to seek prior permission to use TV after 10:30 pm.


A Medical Officer, visits the Institute on all working days for attending the staffs and hostel residents. The hostel inmates are advised to contact the Doctor for treatment or any medical consultation.

AMA Room Ext. No. 475
Doctor’s Name Dr.Umesh M. Shenoy, M.D.
Telephone Nos. Mob :9967285290 , Residence :27451529
Lady Doctor’s Name Dr.R.V. Ambekar, MBBS
Telephone Nos. Mob :9920241328
Residence 25513355
Medical Assistant Mr.Vasu Gowda
Mobile No. 9324213789

In case of emergency, residents should contact Hostel Manager/Hostel Warden. Any student falling sick and admitted to hospital should be informed to Hostel Manager/Hostel Warden.

7. Student Welfare Fund (SWF) :

The Institute provides partial medical assistance with certain terms and conditions to all bonafide students from the SWF. The following conditions are laid down to avail the benefit.

  1. Benefits from the Student Welfare Fund to all regular students of IIPS is voluntary.
  2. Inmates of the hostel would pay an amount of Rs. 300/- (Rupees Three Hundred only) one-time registration non-refundable fee.
  3. Those students who are not staying in the hostel and active mess members taking food as member and want to avail medical facility from SWF should pay a sum of Rs.500/- (one-time registration non-refundable fee).
  4. New members will get benefit after 3 months of the registration/joining IIPS hostel (whichever is applicable).
  5. Those students who are not staying in hostels, not mess member and want to avail medical facility from SWF should pay a sum of Rs.500/- (one time registration fee) at IIPS hostel office. However, the lower and upper limit of reimbursement for these students will be 30% and 50% respectively.
  6. The reimbursement will be applicable only for in-patients. In all the cases government rules are applicable for reimbursements.
  7. Depending on the availability of funds, hostel students, followed by mess members, will be given priority.
  8. Funds will be disbursed to hospitalized students who will make a request to SWF. The maximum limit for reimbursement is Rs.20,000/-. The decision of the Hostel Warden and the Director will be final.


  1. Hostel inmates should take prior permission for accommodating their Guests in the Room/Hostel. If any person is found keeping a guest without prior permission of the Warden, he/she will be charged a penalty in addition to usual charges and disciplinary action may be taken against such persons. Inmates keeping Guest without permission would be suspended for unlimited period .
  2. Accommodation for a student’s/research scholar’s guests may be provided if the Warden is satisfied regarding appropriateness of the case,subject to the availability of the accommodation.
  3. The charges for the guest’s stay will be at the rates stipulated by the Institute. The present rate for student’s guest is Rs.200/- per day/per person for ‘Non A/C hostel room and Rs.600/- Per person per night for hostel Guest Room and Rs.800/- Per person per night for Guest House Rooms. However, the charges are subjected to change as per Institute’s guideline.

9. MESS:

The Mess is run by the full time student residents and full time scholars of the hostel on no loss no profit basis and expenses shared between the mess members. The supervision of the same is done by the Hostel House Keeper/Hostel Manager.

Any issue related to food, charges, mess rules, day to day management must be handled and resolved by the mess members. In case of a serious dispute, it should be conveyed to the Hostel manager in writing with proper documents.


All the hostel inmates will be required to pay R.40/- (Rupees Forty only) per person per month towards the establishment charges. However, foreign students would be required to pay establishment charges of Rs.400/- (Rupees Four Hundred only) in the month of July.


Menu is decided by the mess secretaries. Special vegetarian/non-vegetarian food is provided thrice a week on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. In addition to the above, a special dinner is organized on the last day of each month.


All the residents who desire to join the hostel mess are required to observe the timing mentioned below, unless otherwise changed by the warden:

Breakfast 8.00 A.M. to 9.30 A.M.
Lunch 1.00 P.M. to 2.00 P.M.
Tea 5.30 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.
Dinner 8.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M.

These timings are strictly enforceable and those coming late have to forego their meals, unless they inform the Mess secretaries/Audit committees/Hostel Manager/House Keeper/Cook in advance.

Students/Scholars are appointed as mess secretaries and/or mess audit committee members on the basis of roster. No student/scholar is allowed to deny such appointments except in case of emergency or unavoidable circumstances. The approval of warden is must in such exceptions. Any deliberate denial of such responsibilities will result in permanent termination of mess membership and other hostel facilities.

Meals will not be served in the rooms except in case of illness of the hostel residents.

The Mess secretaries should be informed before dinning in case any guest wishes to have meals from the mess. Purchase of coupons is a must for all the guests, including guests of students and any other staff members of IIPS.

Utensils, including spoons, glasses, cups and saucers, should not be taken out of the dining hall.


The hostel mess members must pay the mess deposit (refundable), as decided in advance, prior to their admission to join the mess. Mess deposits are collected and handles by Institute’s finance section.


Mess bill should be cleared by the mess members, hostel inmates/mess convenors in the first week of every month. Any dispute related to mess bill will be resolved by students.


(A)Storing and consuming of alcoholic drinks or tobacco products of any kind in the Hostel rooms are strictly prohibited. In case a student is found drunk/drinking or smoking he/she will be expelled from the Hostel for a period of one month in the case of first default, and permanently thereafter.

(B) Students must follow the instructions of the hostel administrations on time to time basis especially in vacating room for repair, painting or any other necessary purpose.

(C) Any damage of hostel belongings would be taken seriously and fines would be imposed.

(D) No official notice,announcements of hostel authorities would be removed without permission of the hostel manager.

For any kind of grievance related to hostel, first approach ( through writing) the Hostel Manager followed by Warden. Rules are subjected to change and intimated to the inmates according the administrative requirements. Violation of rules would lead to strict action by hostel authorities and actions would be communicated to the guardian of the inmates.

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