Publication Cell

Publication Cell

The Publication cell of the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) periodically publishes Newsletters, Research Briefs, Working papers and Director’s Report. The IIPS Newsletter is a biannual publication and contains information about various academic and non-academic activities of the institute’s faculty, staff and students. The ‘Research Brief Series’ was initiated in 2007 and provides a platform to the faculty, research staff, research scholars and visiting fellows to quickly disseminate the important findings and highlights of their research before they are published in any scientific journal. The 'Working Paper Series' was launched in 2009-10 with the main objective to disseminate new research ideas, theoretical development and methodological insights initiated by IIPS to the national and international audience as quickly as possible. The work published under this series are peer-reviewed by the two external experts. The Director’s Report provides the actives under taken by all the departments/centers/cells information of the institute for one complete academic year and is presented at the convocation day by the Director of the institute.

In addition, the publication cell also organizes three memorial lecture series in the memory of internationally renowned demographers of IIPS, late Dr. C. Chandrasekaran, Professor P. N. Mari Bhatt and Professor Asha A Bhende each year. These memorial lectures are delivered by the internationally renowned experts in the relevant field. The date and time of these memorial lectures is usually announced well in advance via announcement at the institute’s website, personal emails. These memorial lectures are usually attended by the researchers working in the areas of population, health and family planning in Mumbai and outside. Invitees from various institutions, organizations and NGOs working in Mumbai, former IIPS faculty, IIPS faculty, research staff and students. The cell also organizes symposium series to commemorate world population day and public talk by international and national guest academicians and researchers visiting IIPS.

Research Brief and Working Paper Guidelines

IIPS Newsletter and Director's Report Guidelines

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