Working Papers

The International Institute for Population Sciences has taken a new initiative to bring out a series of working papers based on the projects / studies undertaken by the Institute. The main objective of the working paper series is to disseminate new research ideas, theoretical developments and methodological insights to the national and international research community as quickly as possible. The papers published under this series are peer reviewed by experts in the subject. We hope you will find the working papers interesting and useful.
Dr. H. Lhungdim and Dr. Harihar Sahoo are the Editors of the Working Paper Series.

The Myth on Child Malnutrition in India

Conditional Cash Transfer and Promotion of Girl Children: The Indian Experience

Human Development Indices: Old and New

Pattern of Poverty Reduction and Fertility Transition in India

Women’s Treatment Seeking Behaviour in Indian Systems in Medicine

Levels, Trends and Structure of Workforce in India: A Census Analysis(1981-2001)

Religious Taxonomy of States and Districts in India: An Analysis Using a Standardized Index of Diversity (SID) of Religion

Levels Differentials and Spatial Patterns of Childlessness in India


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