Dr. K. S. James

Dr. K. S. James


Director & Sr. Professor

Welcome to the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, India!!

IIPS hosts a multidisciplinary team of scholars involved in teaching, research and training in demography. Since its inception in 1956, IIPS helped in building a nucleus of professionals in the field of population and health in various countries. Considering its wide contribution, the Institute was conferred the Deemed University status in the year 1985. Perhaps, IIPS is one of the unique institutes in the world, focuses exclusively on population research and teaching with a full university status.

IIPS is proud of its rich history which is manifested in generating alumni that span across countries and institutions in the world. The students trained at the Institute over the past 60 years or more now occupies key positions in the field of population and health in governments of various countries and other international and national institutions. They have excelled in their field of work and made the Institute proud. We strive to derive from this strength to move forward by expanding the activities of the Institute in the emerging areas of areas of demographic research and teaching.

Apart from teaching, IIPS is also conducts large number of research studies and conducts large scale surveys. Over the period, the focus of research and even teaching has considerably shifted in the Institute along with the changes in demographic and health transition in the country. The involvement in large scale surveys critical for the country since 1992-93 provided a unique opportunity of designing surveys with direct bearing on policies and programmes. The students also learn survey research and methods in the classroom and laboratory.

The teaching programme at IIPS has expanded considerably with the introduction of several new courses. Currently, IIPS offers three Master’s programme, an M.Phil programme and a Ph.D programme. In addition, a Master’s programme is also offered on distance mode. All these teaching programmes aimed at generating a pool of scholars in demography and health parallel to any best demographic institutions in the world.

The Institute is also hosting data centre which helps the students and scholars anywhere to access data on demography and health in India. We are working towards developing a comprehensive health data centre which is user friendly and accessible to all in due course.

I would like to further renew our commitments to position IIPS as a premier research and teaching Institute responsive to the emerging national and global needs. We would like to be more relevant to the society by closely working with the government and other national and international agencies. You are welcome to explore our website and do not hesitate to contact us for any further information that you may need.

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