Short Term Training Programmes


In addition to regular teaching programs, IIPS conducts short-term training programmes and instructional courses. These short training programmes are usually sponsored by various national and international funding agencies.

IIPS is a regional institute for training and research regarding population studies for the ESCAP region. For various organisations, the Institute conducts short-term training programmes for various themes and issues. These training programmes are sponsored by several national and international organisations, including WHO, UNFPA, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Government of India, various state governments of India, and Department of Family Welfare. Refresher courses sponsored by the University Grants Commission have also been organised at IIPS. These training programmes have been conducted for senior-level officials of the Family Welfare Departments and District Family Welfare of different states as well as different NGOs and international agencies. Personnel from several Asian, African, and European countries, including Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Botswana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, have benefited from these short-term programmes. The duration of these programmes varies from 1–4 weeks, and they are either conducted in accordance with the demand or requirement of external agencies (donor agencies) or designed by IIPS based on the core areas of population and health.

Short-term training programmes are conducted on the following crucial subjects:

  • Demography, Gender, and Reproductive Health
  • Application of Qualitative Methods of Data Collection
  • Demographic Techniques and Application of Software Packages
  • Application of SPSS for Data Analysis
  • Life Table Construction and Population Projections
  • Large Scale Survey Research: Theory and Practice
  • Population Growth and Development: Linkages and Challenges
  • Analysis of Vital Statistics from Civil Registration System
  • Strengthening State Plans for Human Development-District Level Vital Statistics: Methodology, Software, and Training
  • Large-Scale Sample Survey (LSSS) in Demographic and Health Research
  • UGC Sponsored Refresher Course for Teachers of University and College on Population Studies
  • Refresher Course in Demography for In-Service ISS Officers of Government of India
  • Population Growth and Development: Linkages and Challenges
  • Dr. Usha Ram
  • Dr. Archana K.Roy
    Associate Professor


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